T9000 Wireless Anti Candid Camera Detector Signal Finder Anti Eavesdroped Detector Anti Candid Camera GPS Tracker Locator

T9000 Wireless Anti Candid Camera Detector Signal Finder Anti Eavesdroped Detector Anti Candid Camera GPS Tracker Locator
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Dash camc



car dvr  видеорегистратор радар-детектор


Description of the basic functions of DVR DVR

1, Mobile speed warning, built-in South Korean radar of the fourth generation, radar warning X, K, CT (Strelka), L (Laser) 360 degree survey.
2, Warning about stationary speed limit chambers, the all-Russian database, information on more than 20,000 photographic points throughout the country.
3, Ublox GPS positioning unit; cold start 30s ~ 1min30s, hot start up to 10s;
4, Automatically enable video recording;
5, Delayed shutdown 8-10 seconds. to save files.
6, Video Resolution: 1920 * 1080 (FHD 1080P), 1280x720 (HD 720P);
7, "Watermarks" of the time and date on the video;
8, Cyclic recording over obsolete files (when the memory is full, it automatically writes to the place of the earliest files);
9, Playing video files;
10, Support for Treck Player ((it is necessary to download a special swimmer);
11, Synchronous audio recording, manual on / off of this function;
12, The maximum supported capacity of the SD card is 64G, the minimum is 8G (not less than Class6, the most optimal Class10);
13, the function of manual protection of video files, protected files will not be overwritten when memory is full;
14, Vibration sensor (G-SENSOR), automatic protection of video files, adjustable sensitivity.15, Support the function of "sleeping" screen;3



Direction of use
You must use the charger in the box to charge, otherwise the voltage will cause automatic shutdown and so on.
1. Use the device only for its intended purpose. Damage to the device caused by its improper use is not a warranty case 
2 It is necessary to exclude the device for a long time in conditions of high humidity, dust, as well as exposure to direct sunlight 
3. In order to avoid insulation failure and short circuit, keep wires away from hot and moving parts 
4. After the installation of the device, check the reliability of its mounting, in order to avoid dropping the device when the vehicle is moving 
5. Do not remove or insert a memory card while the device is in operation 
6, do not be distracted by the device while the vehicle is in motion.The manufacturer is not responsible for data 
loss or damage in case of damage to the device or memory card 
7. In case of a malfunction, do not repair the device yourself. Immediately turn off the device and contact the eplutus service center. 
9.Do not disassemble the product yourself. 
10. Normal operating conditions of the device - operating temperature 0  ~ 60  and in 10% ~ 80%. Place the device in a safe position 
10. Do not touch the screen with sharp objects 
11. Avoid shocks and severe impacts 
12 "Equipment and its accessories should be away from flammable, explosive and corrosive liquids or gas 
13, Clean the screen and the surface of the equipment with a damp soft cloth 
14. Use the car charger supplied by the manufacturer 
15.If the equipment is working normally, but the keys do not work, then long press the power key to initialize it. Use a long press of the button power supply with caution under normal operating conditions, since this operation can lead to data loss
Updating the database
1. Open the site, download the required update package (the address of the site is usually written on the labeling at the back of the device, you can also consult the dealer)
2. Connect the device to the computer.
3. Open the service pack, click "Next" and "Start". In a few minutes, the update will end.
4. Connect 12V power from the car, turn on the device, the program version number is identical with the version on the site indicates successful completion of the update
Photos of police radar used at present
Q:Can’t make warning when pass by a Fixed positioning.
A: There are several possible reasons for this problem:
1. Using the device by mistakes. 
2. Data doesn’t include this fixed positioning.
Q: How to use the radar on correct way?
A: 1. use original dc car charger to connect and make located.
2. please notice that speed you setup.If you setup 60km/h, it will warning when speed over than 60km/h. If you want to warning with slow speed, please setup by yourself.
3. Alarm Distance are different. K Band: 500-1000m, CT Band: 200-300m. Attention: if you drive very fast and the radar might not respond so quick as your speed. It might not warning.
Q: what can I do if it doesn’t have this fixed positioning?
A: 1. Please send us the latitude and longitude of the fixed positioning, and we will make you a new data to update. Please leave us about 1 week to make a new data.
2. please make a POI by yourself and it will work next time.
Q: How to make a POI by yourself?
A: 1. make sure located successfully (only use the Original DC car charger can locate.)
2. Keep driving your car at lest 5km/h.
3. turn into the Radar operation interface and long press [Up key].
Q: Use two radars at the same time, our radar doesn’t warning but the other one warning?
A: Please attention 2 radars can’t use at the same time. Our radar has anti-interference function so it will not warning when 2 radars put together. Please use one by one to make a test.
Q: why can’t located if use the car charger with USB?
A: for difference of Voltage. The input voltage of usb charger is 5V, it can only running the DVR not Radar. Please use dc charger when you use this radar, or it can’t work well.
Attention: don’t use a high voltage usb charger to connect, it might be burn.
Q: Other countries except for Russia, can’t use the Radar?
A: this radar can use in Russia, Belarus,Ukraine, but the default data is of Russia. Please contact us for data of Belarus and Ukraine.
Q: Why is the battery life so short?
A:As the RADAR\'s small size, so the RADAR battery capacity is small, when use it , you need to connect the car charger.
Please note that you must use the original car charger, then it will work. If you use other chargers lead to the product to stop working, we do not assume any responsibility, please understand.
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