PPR PE PP pipe welding machine + head kit 1 Pc 220V 600W temperature control heating

PPR PE PP pipe welding machine + head kit 1 Pc 220V 600W temperature control heating
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Oписание продукта

White hat is suitable for the injection molding processing, plastic hardware return processing, automobile bumper, plastic bucket, plastic water towerPipe and other plastic products weldingRepair process, shrink film and other materials.


In general, with the PP ABS material car bumpers, plastic bucket, water tower with PP material, ABS material, motorcycle shell concrete, the buyer can confirm materials, access to relevant information, welding electrodes and welding material objects, can be strong!!


Note: before the end of the work shut down 5-10 seconds to cool down, and then shut down can effectively extend the life of the heating core! Welding operation before the good temperature can be adjusted to test the electrode, so that the appropriate softening can be, if you need to go fast, appropriate to adjust the temperature, high but the impact of welding!! Master the welding process, then the home or unit of the plastic damage, you can easily solve the problem!


TAK and TGK belong to the high international flag, since 2015, in order to meet the group\'s product color unified goal, the white TAK-700B upgrade to become TGK-HG700B, the quality is the same, please pay attention to change!



Attention: the first use of the new air gun smoke and pungent odor, high temperature after burning, the second will not be, because the heating element of the package is the first cause of the burning of mica films, does not affect the use of!


Art knife shipped random color, do not specify the color oh!!

Note: Xinjiang Tibet Inner Mongolia Qinghai \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ Ningxia, express the above address can not put restrictions knives and other contraband, aviation, shipping, default on the knife, no longer separate telephone notification, do not agree with the requirements of delivery send the request, please understand!



Please buyers a friend to take the welding rod of the package when the need to note the electrode materials, such as no notes, by default PP delivery!


Note: spare heating core is an alternate meaning, there is the wind gun itself, some think this buy back to their own demolition of the heating core, it is a serious misunderstanding!!!

Correct the following error caused by the HG700B system, the actual is HP700B!







1 check the power outlet before use should be single-phase AC 220V power supply, keep a good grounding.

The 2 gun will plug into the socket, the initial use may occur when Mars or white smoke, this is a normal phenomenon, after 5 minutes away.

The 3 gun switch \' O\' switching to the low speed of file fever, then turn to the second gear high speed heating, can be used for welding operation.

4 welding temperature can be adjusted from the low temperature of 50 DEG C to 550 degrees between the plastic sheet is heated to 130 DEG -140 DEG C is soft, a little pressure can be formed, the use of electronic stepless thermostat, welding temperature to obtain, welding temperature at 240 degrees Celsius, welding should pay attention to the nozzle and the solder joint distance.

The end of 5 when I first switch to the file after the temperature regulator to be closed, welding heat removal and then turn off the power, can prolong the service life of the welding torch.

The 6 gun use, do not let it out of your sight, if you want to leave, no matter how long, please unplug the plug.

The 7 stop operation, the plastic welding torch standing on the table, to prevent burns and other items, prolong the service life.

8 gun after use to handle with care, so as not to damage the welding part of the refractory porcelain, which makes the electric wire short circuit.

9 after half a year, should add a few drops of pure white oil in micro motor bearings to reduce friction.

10 non professional personnel do not remove their own.

11 please use the original core plastic welding torch.


Common failures and troubleshooting methods
Failure phenomena Cause of production Elimination method Prevention measures
The temperature is too high to adjust Temperature controller failure SCR short circuit Replacement of temperature controller to replace silicon controlled With the completion of that torch cooling
Temperature fluctuation and high and low Potentiometer damage Repair or replace potentiometer  
Sudden cooling in use Buck short circuit Replace resistance

Note the torch light

Beware of falling from a height

Electric heating wire or gun The replacement of electric wire or core gun
Different power Switch failure Repair or replace switch